Monday, January 19, 2009

Zuri, cuddle extroidinare.

Cuddle bug., originally uploaded by jess sully.

She was just being too adorable yesterday!

sigh. This is the life.


what's over here?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What?! You thought we were gone?

Elephant ears?!, originally uploaded by jess sully.

Flynn and Zuri, I'm glad to finally announce, are doing quite well. I've just been busy with finals, christmas break, working, and classes to post on here lately.

Zuri's litterbox training has been a constant struggle. She seems to poo about 80% in her litterbox, but very rarely pees in there. I tried giving her fleece and towels, but they just became saturated with urine within a day or two. Then I tried just leaving her with the bare plastic bottom of her cage, but she ended up sitting in puddles and cleaning it up was beginning to be a huge, disgusting chore at least three times a day. So, I finally gave up and got her a dog crate with a grate. The grate is SO much better than the ones in rabbit cages- much thicker and stronger coated wire, doesn't cut into her feet, comfortable for her to rest on, and since it's meant to support the weight of a dog up to 85 lbs, the flooring doesn't sag beneath her and she doesn't make any noise jumping around on it. In the slide out tray, I put puppy pads which soak up a lot of liquid and contain the odor. The whole setup is easier to clean and I feel much better not leaving her sitting in her own feces all day long.

Flynn has settled down. He doesn't freak out when Zuri is out, although he does ask to be groomed and she grooms him through the cage bars sometimes. He'll even flop and eat in her presence, whereas he used to pace frantically. He's once again my relaxed little guy.

gloomy, wet Zuri.
I know baths aren't usually recommended for rabbits, but urine started to scald Zuri's bottom, belly, and feet so I have been bathing her every 10 days or so with baby shampoo and oatmeal, which my vet recommended, as well as putting on some neosporin. Tonight, I believe, will probably have been her last bath, since she is no longer able to come in contact with her urine.

Wet bunny.

A plush toy?
Flynn enjoys imitating plush toys.

Cheek scratchies.
... almost as much as he loves cheek scratches!