Monday, July 28, 2008

Flynn's New Bed.

I got a new bed!, originally uploaded by jess sully.

We are currently in the process of both preparing for my dad's wedding and packing the house (we're moving the DAY AFTER they return from their honeymoon!). During all the hoopla, we discovered this old baby playmat tucked away into the game closet. My dad was going to throw it away, but I decided that it would make a perfect out-of-cage bed for Flynn.
We decided to move Flynn's cage today. It was up on a table in the kitchen; now it is on the floor in the living room so he can come and go as he pleases. And come and go he did! He returned to his cage only to use the litterbox, otherwise, he loved his free time. He had another successful day today out of the cage- not a single accident!
However, before I left for work, when I locked his cage door, he seemed quite distraught. He kept throwing himself at the door with THE most pathetic look on his little red face.

Bo, Timothy's hamster, seemed to like the bed too.

... Almost as much as he liked one of the toys Flynn left lying around.


FrecklesandDeb said...

What a cool new bed! And what a great way to recycle. I guess that makes Flynn "green" as well as red!

Anonymous said...

That's a nice bed for Flynn! And it's got red in it ;) what a great match!

And I know those pathetic looks! They definitely know how to make us feel bad, huh? That's how Buttons became a free range bunny from day 1.. She gave us the pathetic face, then proceeded to throw a tantrum in her cage which ended with her plopping her butt in the water bowl and refusing to budge until we opened the cage door :p

d. moll, said...

Likewise with Furrybutts, used to put Tyler in at night or when I went to work, but he would rattle his pen and get really upset, so he has been free roaming, well since day three or so, same with Sydney who joined us some months later. Nice little bed for Master Flynn, for sure.

Anonymous said...

that's an awesome bed Flynn! riena was the same way when i would lock her in the cage - and you always feel bad even when it's the right thing to do! she would hit the top of the cage with her head and when she first moved to her new home even was able to pop open the cage and get out while everyone was asleep! (and chew cords and such!) silly bun

Crafty Green Poet said...

what a lovely bunny, his colours are wonderful!

Our bunny was free range too, she was very well litter trained and everything.

The Bunns said...

What's this free range stuff? We kinda like our night time cages ... keeps the creepies out of our food and water!!!!

Plus, there might be monsters ...