Friday, July 25, 2008

A true irish bun

A true irish bun, originally uploaded by jess sully.

Flynn looking quite irish sniffing at some clover. This picture was taken in the shade without a flash, to show his true color. His color really seems to vary a lot in pictures, depending on the flash and lighting.
This is another one taken yesterday- I don't get to see him today because I have to work all night.
Flynn is staying at a close (and responsible) friend's house for the time being, because there is a lot going on at my house with my parents wedding, packing, and the move to our new house.
It also doesn't help that my soon-to-be stepmother is convinced that she'll be allergic to him, since she's allergic to almost ANYTHING furry and cute.
I was a little nervous that I would be allergic to him, actually, because I'm severely allergic to cats (even though I love them so!). However, I have yet to experience any symptoms whatsoever, even when I get my nose and face really close to his fur.
I am, however, allergic to timothy hay- so I have to be careful to wash my hands thoroughly after handling it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm allergic to the hay but have built up a resistance - so it's not as bad as it was at first. I am severely allergic to alfalfa hay which the baby bunnies need and that was no fun but at least they grow fast and don't need it for long.

I use gloves to handle the hay which helps, because my hands break out. But it's worth it, now isn't it?!! :-)