Saturday, July 26, 2008

Settling right in...

Flynn has only been here five days, but he's settled right in. He hasn't peed outside of his litterbox since we got him the new, larger one (except for marking the couch once... I don't know why, but it's the only thing he ever wants to mark), and he's pooping about 85% of the time in there, too. I've seen him flop over a dozen times, no matter how close we are to him, and he actively asks for and happily returns pets- by grooming my fingers (licking/nibbling).

First out of cage flop!, originally uploaded by jess sully.
Here's Flynn's first out of cage flop. He was nudging me, so I started petting him, and the moment I did... he flopped right over and melted into the couch. It was the cutest thing ever, I almost died from shock (didn't really expect him to be this comfortable yet) and cuteness.

As a reward for using his litterbox so well, we decided to let him run around the living room. Well, I took over 100 photos but he was too busy running and binkying to let me get any good shots. They were all terrible- this is one of the best ones I managed to get.
A close up of his pretty face. I love his beautiful red eyelashes.
All tuckered out.


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely handsome and what a sweet temperament! My Zinger "grooms" me too. I love it! I'm glad he feels so safe and free with you!

Anonymous said...

Yes Riena went back to live with the Brother and family of the woman who I got her from - because well... my puppy killed one of my other rabbits so I was thinking I needed to give them all away. I've kept Zinger. Unfortunately he has to be enclosed because of BDP ... the bunny I lost is Archi Ann and she was a pistol - on the top right hand side of my blog there's a pic of her you can click for her site.

Funny how 5 years ago I didn't have any rabbits but after Archi died the thought of giving them all away and not having any was unbearable - I couldn't live without rabbits now!

I'm glad Flynn has settled in so well.

Anonymous said...

Flynn is such a sweet bunny!! I'm glad he's settling in so very well already! We got some DBFs out of Hans too, but no grooming from him yet :p

FrecklesandDeb said...

Flynn is going to be a snugglebun! It looks like he's feeling pretty comfortable with you and your home!

d. moll, said...

Flynn is a cutie, he looks good on that dark blue.

The Bunns said...

Howdy doo, Flynn!

We have Savannah who is a mini-rex too, but she is spotted. You are a really pretty color and will be quite the gay blade when you gow up!

It sounds like you have good facilities there and maybe even you are getting spoiled!

Be sure to practice your disapproval some .. it is expected of a bunny!

I think there is another blogger-bunny named Flynn lives in Canada.

On the Fresh Parsley site (or something like that!)