Thursday, July 10, 2008

New Bunny Cage

New Bunny CageView From the DoorType: BASS cage
Size: 30"x 30"
It's just a regular commercial cage with a slide out tray. We modified it a little, by using C-Rings on the bottom, Kwik-Klips on the sides so that it can easily collapse for transport, and we reattached the door so it would swing out instead of in. [Whoever thought of that anyway?]
I think it will work quite nicely... the only problem is that the floor sags a little so the tray is noisy and hard to slide out, but that will be fixed soon.
As you can see, he already has a comfy bed, prince dish, and lots of toys awaiting him...

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Keithius said...

Wow! What a luxurious pad!