Monday, October 6, 2008

Flynn's first taste of greens.

What... is...that...?, originally uploaded by jess sully.

I decided to try Flynn on greens last night, because it suddenly occurred to me that he MUST be old enough now. I've just been too busy with school to take the time! He smelled the plate and even moved the lettuce around a little bit, but he wanted nothing to do with it.

But, of course, as soon as I pretended to eat it, he HAD to know what he was missing! He ate the whole piece you see here.

And happily :)

Thanks for the suggestions, I think I'll wait awhile before I get him neutered. Hopefully he will keep up his excellent litter habits and manners until then :)
One more question- in the above picture, you may notice how long his nails are on his back feet. I tried in vain to cut his nails yesterday but could only manage to do the front feet. First I tried just sitting him on my lap to do it, and that was definitely not going to work. So then I wrapped him in a bunny burrito with a blanket and managed to do the front paws. I could not manage to hold his back feet still long enough to do them though, because he REFUSES to be laid on his back for a trancing... trust me. So how am I supposed to get those back feet? They have to be pulled back in an awkward angle the way I tried yesterday, and he didn't like it- I don't blame him.
He gave me a good thump after safely back on the ground!


d. moll, said...

There's a Utube on nail trimming, check it out. My buns prefer to be in lap and upright, it is a little awkward, but do-able. You can also wrap him in a bunny Burrito (also a Utube LOL) and access the feet. He sure is a cutie!!!!

d. moll, said...

OOps sorry I see you did do a buritto, but you can get the back feet with a buritto....takes practice.

Anonymous said...

None of my buns will put up with being flipped! Cutting their nails was quite a difficult task for me at first, but I finally found a way that works for me. I hope you'll find it useful.. but you need 2 persons for the job. Here's the link to the post:

It's so nice to know another bunny who's around the same age as Hans! Hans and Flynn are going through the same things together, although miles apart hee hee I started to offer Hans some greens a couple weeks back. BUT, unlike Flynn and my other bunnies, Hans does not care for greens. Or fruits! I'm still giving him a mixture of greens everyday for dinner, pretty much the same way as you give them to Flynn on a plate, but so far, he just refuses to eat them!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Yum! Glad Flynn finally discovered the joy of greens!

It takes two of us to trim Freckles' nails. And it's a bunny burrito kind of action. She hates being picked up and pretty much knows what's coming. We get the job done -- but there's lots of kicking into the air and hrumphing afterwards!

Mrs. Sniffles said...

Flynn, you are such a pretty bunny! I always love meeting another mini rex like me! My favorite greens are cilantro, basil, and mint, you might want to give those a try too!

Rabbits' Guy said...

No hints for one-person toe trimming! I've seen it done, but it takes two at our house!

If you fgure it out, we all need to know!