Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lazy Sundays.

Down for the count., originally uploaded by jess sully.

It's was an extraordinarily hot day today, considering that it's the middle of October! Around 3pm, our thermometer read 82 degrees.
I was ecstatic, because I get sick of winter, snow, and cold weather after about three weeks of it.
Flynn, on the other hand, was grumpy and lazy all day. Of course, the grumpiness probably had to do with the fact that I managed to clip his back nails a little bit today--
I ambushed him; I had no choice. I cornered him, pulled him onto my lap, wrapped him in a blanket, and flipped him on his back... all in about 3.5 seconds. He stayed "tranced" for about... one minute. I clipped an itsy-bitsy bit from those toenails, but it was hard to tell how much to take off because those nails were so much longer, thicker, and darker than the front ones!
He accepted my peace offering (more baby snacks) about two minutes after his traumatization. However, he's been more jumpy than usual today-- probably because he thinks I'm going to ambush him again!


Rabbits' Guy said...

Aw Flynn is getting so handsome!

I think a little bit at a time trimming is way better than too much! Our bunns never have totally gotten used to it, but they do tolerate it now.

Anonymous said...

Oh my.. are those Flynn's boy bits peeking out? He really is growing up fast, Hans has lots of catching up to do in that department ;)

Great job on the nails! I still can't do it on my own hee hee

Hans is pretty OK with me petting him.. he lies there for a long time, basking in the attention. Little Diva :D

d. moll, said...

Good ambushing, I got Tyler, but I'm still waiting to capture Sydney, she knows what's up! Flynn sure is looking big! Or maybe its just his grumpiness that does that.