Thursday, October 30, 2008

This is not dignified!

This is not dignified!!, originally uploaded by jess sully.

Flynn is becoming slightly more tolerant of being held, but he definitely doesn't enjoy it! He always knows what's coming when it's time for some practice, and before you know it, all you can see is a flick of his back feet and he's gone! I have to corner him, but once he's up and restrained he's tolerable-- not happy, but not frightened, either.
I have not been able to trance him, but I think that's a good thing. After all, a rabbit trance is actually a fear response to a predator-- they freeze hoping the predator will think they're dead so that they can spring to life and escape when the bear, eagle, falcon, cat, etc least expects it. He stayed still on my lap for about 30 seconds at a time though, before flipping over-- and he didn't run away, just sat in my lap and expected an apology.
Strangely enough, we had our longest petting session of all today, about five minutes after I'd put him on his back in my lap (like the picture). Perhaps, even though he hates it, he is learning to trust my hands a little more?


Rabbits' Guy said...

Probably over time ...

It helped us to give a small treat right at the start of a sitting session. That way they learned to look forward to being picked up.

Winston does not like it either much, but he does like to sit and face me and have his face rubbed from nose to ears. Then he likes to have my hand over his face and stroke his nose with my thumb!! Slowly he is getting more calm and less likely to nip!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles hates to be picked up. But then she was full grown when we got her and who know what kind of experiences she'd had in her former life!

Anonymous said...

awwww he's so adorable - he looks content

that pic of archi on my site was after being hypnotized and she's not in freeze mode like you would think, she's actually just very content. we actually used that with her to stitch up a really bad cut on her butt once!

and yeah - the doggie day care rocks but only cuz i don't have bunnies anymore!! i miss my bunz but couldn't do it if i had them!

Anonymous said...

How adorable!

I've never managed to that to any of my bunnies. The minute I start to lower them on their backs, they'll put up a big struggle.

Yohji is not too fond of pets either. I've been working on it with treats.. these days he's better. He lets me pet him for short periods of time now.

I suppose bunnies can get used to handling, over time.. and with age as well. They'll mellow down as they get older.

Nose rubs to Flynn!