Monday, October 6, 2008

My pretty boy.

My pretty boy., originally uploaded by jess sully.

We're still here, I promise!
Sorry for not posting for so long. It was quite unnecessary!

Flynn and I have officially moved into Grand Rapids. The first few days I was actually quite worried- it was so HOT in the room that all he did was lay around and breathe really heavy. Slowly but surely, as my room cooled and he acclimated himself to his new domain (my bedroom), he settled in quite nicely.
He's been behaving very nicely! He still uses his litterbox 100% of the time, even despite the new domain. This means he gets quite a bit of free time out of his cage, and he is getting a new (bigger) dog crate very soon, too.
He turned 4 months old on Monday- I think this means he is ready to be neutered. He hasn't started spraying or humping, but every once in awhile I catch a glimpse of his testicles. I think I'll start calling around to local vets soon.
When do you all think I should get his surgery done? Soon or after his "teenager-ness" sets in?


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess & Flynn!! It's nice to see you both back in the blogosphere :)

Good to hear that the both of you are settling in well at Grand Rapids. Flynn's looking really good! He has such stunning eyes and fur!

Thanks for the well wishes for Hans. We really appreciate it.

Hans' boy bits have not descended yet, lol! I was planning to send him for his neuter sometime around the end of November. He would be ~6mths then.

Hmm.. personally, I'd prefer to wait a little longer before neutering, as I believe they need their hormones to fully mature as well. Perhaps when Flynn is 5mths? That seems to be the suggested age in most articles on neutering. Just my humble 2 cents :D He's such a good boy, no spraying / humping! Yohji started spraying when he was 5mths hee hee

YowlYY said...

Hi Jess and thanks for visiting :)
Flynn is a stunner!!
I agree with furrybutts and I would wait another month before having him neutered - not having other bunnies in the vicinity will of course help keeping in check his habits. Our Nik was neutered when he was 5 months old, and by then all the typical hormonal activity had set! Spraying, biting ankles (LOL!) and laying huge piles of currants outside his litter tray. After the operation all went back to normal and he turned back to the cuddly bun he used to be :)
Good luck and we look forward to reading more from you both :)

Mats said...

Hi there! Great to see you back in cyberspace, and great to know you are both well! Flynn is just so adorable, and his colors are so beautiful!

FrecklesandDeb said...

Congratulations on the successful move! Looks like everyone is getting settled nicely. Freckles was fully grown and already spayed when we got her from the shelter, so we're not very experienced in that department!