Saturday, November 29, 2008

The buns have a day out.

Flynn was feeling a little jealous by all the Zuri pictures on here lately, so we had a little photoshoot today.

My little cuddlebug.

Flynn digs.
Yes, I know I'm handsome.

Look mom, I can look elegant while eating, too.

And then the zany little Zuri came out to play :)

Locked in my cage? I object!

You are mine.
Hello, there. You and your toys are MINE.

Bow down to me.
Bow down to me, mere male.

Yeah, I stole your chewy.
Yes, I stole your chewy...

I see why you like it so much... it's yummy and chewy.

Who me? I didn't steal anything! I swear!

Me? No, I am NOT on the other side of the fence..
No, I'm not on the wrong side of the fence, either... and I'm not destroying anything under your bed.

Nooo! Let me back out, I'll be good, I promise!


Boogey said...

Great pictures!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eek!! That's a lotta cuteness!! Love the pic of them sniffing each other through the NIC panel. Flynn looks like he's really longing to be with Zuri :D

Anonymous said...

AWWWW she's beautiful, adorabuhls, cute, fluffy .... awwwwwwww

how are they doing on the bonding thing? i hope it goes well

Rabbits' Guy said...

Flynn gotlucky!!!!

Kenn Fong said...

I like Flynn's sheen. His red eyelashes are just so adorable. When did Flynn get his tattoo? I looked through a number of posts and didn't see you mention it. When I get my rabbits, I think I will get runts like him. headscratches, kenny

FrecklesandDeb said...

Busy, busy buns! They seem to be interested in each other! (Even if the sharing of the toys may be a bit hard!)

Carlton Jamal said...

Flynn is just adorable! <3

The Bunns said...