Sunday, November 2, 2008

Whatcha doing up there?

Whatcha doing up there?, originally uploaded by jess sully.

Flynn doesn't jump on anything. Ever. The closest thing I've seen him do to jump are his binkies, but usually he shoots sideways rather than up. Good thing Flynn isn't a basketball player... he has no vertical! :) He won't even jump OFF things. I suppose I shouldn't complain. It makes bunnyproofing easier!
FRIEND FOR FLYNN (Project FFF) update:
I'm terrible at making decisions. Right now, I'm trying to decide what kind of bunny friend to get for Flynn. Unfortunately, I found out that the two gray lionhead sisters have been bonded together, and since I can only have one new rabbit (per landlady), they are out of the question. I'm not sure about Amber, though, and there are other adorable buns at Midwest Rescue... except they still haven't replied to my adoption form. I'm hoping they got it!
I would love to rescue a bunny. The adoption fee covers spaying (and spaying here is EXPENSIVE), and they are in desperate need of homes. However, there's something about not knowing the rabbit's past, exact age, etc. that would bother me. I like having the opportunity to raise a baby rabbit and thus "mold" them. Who knows what terrible experiences rescue rabbits have had? Although, then again I would love to be the one to show those poor abandoned/abused/neglected rabbits that something good can come from humans.
The other option I'm considering is a dutch. I was very, very, very close to getting a little blue dutch this summer instead of Flynn- I even had one reserved - but decided not to because of allergies. However, nobody in the house has had allergies to Flynn, despite our many other allergies. Dutch are classified in the "relaxed" category rather than curious or exciteable (mini rexes like Flynn are "curious"). I think a dutch would give me what Flynn currently can't- more affection. I love Flynn and his challenges, don't get me wrong, but I just keep meeting all of these wonderfully affectionate buns and wishing Flynn was more lovey. He's still young though, so neutering and aging could help.
The dutch breeder is a wonderful person! She has beautiful rabbits, and unlike many other breeders, she sincerely cares about them, even insuring that the mismarked pets get good homes. (Many other breeders "cull" (kill) them or sell them for snakefood. She would NEVER do that! She has worked with me very extensively over the past several months and I feel as though I owe it to her. Besides, her rabbits are supposed to be the sweetest!
I also have always loved Hollands, but I'm scared of the potential allergy problems with that breed (they have longer, fuzzier "rollback" hair). Dutches have "flyback" hair, so it's shorter and probably better for allergies.


Anonymous said...

Project FFF, we like!

It's really hard to choose which bun to get (at least, for me it is!).. there are so many choices and they are each lovely in their own way.

Maybe you could let Flynn choose his girl friend? :D Bring him for bunny dates at the shelter or at the Dutch breeder's place?

Rabbits' Guy said...

The Princess is much Dutch and she is very friendly and likes to be held.