Thursday, November 27, 2008

Zuri's third day home.

Hurry up!, originally uploaded by jess sully.

Today is Zuri's third day home, and these days I just can't get the cage door open fast enough. I decided to let her run around my room for awhile again- about a half hour. Flynn has been running around frantically ever since. She's quite hilarious to watch- those ears just go everywhere, and she chins everything in sight. Meanwhile, I have yet to ever witness Flynn chinning ANYTHING. In fact, when Zuri touched noses with Flynn through the cage today, she even chinned HIM. :) Silly girl.

Hmmm... to come out or not to come out? That is the question!

Can I come out and see you?

What's that?
What's that?

Pretty profile.
A pretty profile.

Explore Explore Explore

Hello there.
Pet me please?

Baby bunny tongue!
Baby bunny tongue! Isn't this picture great? I just love those ears!

Flynn is running about my bedroom now. I'm still making sure he gets more time out than Zuri and an equal amount of attention, so he doesn't get jealous. He started jumping up on the bed today :D This is something he was NEVER able to do before, no matter how hard he wanted to come up. It's nice, because now I don't have to sit on the floor just to be with him- he keeps jumping on and off the bed periodically to visit and occasionally get petted. He's been leaving a little trail of poos in his cage whenever Zuri's out and if he goes out right after her. I just put them all back in his litterbox and he's back to his wonderful habits quickly.


Anonymous said...

I love Zuri's ears too :) They seem to have minds of their own, lol! And what a nice, long tail she has!!

Carlton Jamal said...

Those ears! <3

d. moll, said...

Two buns are more than twice the fun.

FrecklesandDeb said...

Zuri just gets more and more adorable each day! Those ears are priceless. Flynn must be looking forward to the day they can be out together.

Boogey said...

awww we love zuri's ears!!! too cute!

Anonymous said...

she's amazing! will the ears go up or is she a lop? yeah when i was bonding riena and luther riena would poop all around the outside of the cage when luther was in it - i think she was marking her territory!

YowlYY said...

Zuri is lovely! The marking with poos will hopefuly go away when the two get bonded, in the meantime...scoop and forget ;-)
One word of caution: I noticed that Zuri's cage opens with the door down - you may want to remove the door completely when the cage is open, because a bun could easily put a paw in between the bars and break a leg. I heard of such accidents and they are more common than one can think.
Nose rubs to the bunnies!

Mrs. Sniffles said...

The pictures of you both are so adorable! I must admit I do love seeing pics of Flynn acuz he is like my castor twin! I also wanted to send a belated thank you for the wonderful purthday wishes.