Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My sleeping beauty.

Sleeping Beauty., originally uploaded by jess sully.

Zuri's doing even better today. As you can see, she is still calm and unaffected by strange noises, smells, and movements.
Her poos are still soft, and she has the habit of peeing in whichever far corner I moved the litterbox from, so I put in a giant cat litterbox with a homemade grate, like Flynn's. The grate is made of 1/2"x1/2" coated wire, so that when she eats the poos fall safely through. The grate has also stopped her from eating her litter, which I was concerned about.

Grumpy Zuri.
Excuse me, I was TRYING to relax!

Since Zuri's poos have been a little firmer, I decided to let her run around the bedroom for awhile. And BOY, did she RUN! Baby binkies galore! She was hilarious to watch... she routinely tripped over herself and faceplanted :)

I see you!
Flynn wouldn't stop looking at her, he paced back and forth and followed her every movement. At first, I intended to steer her away from his cage at all costs.

But Flynn just looked too pathetic, so I let them greet eachother through the bars. Flynn, surprisingly, was calm towards her and even presented his head to be groomed!

Hello, future friend.
Hello, there.

Zuri desperately needs her feet and bottom cleaned. They are caked with poop and urine, from wallowing in her soft poos, and it's quite disgusting. I'm just not quite sure how to do it without stressing her out. One idea I liked was soaking a towel with warm water and putting it in the kitchen sink, with about an inch of water, so she can walk around in it and let it soak in for awhile. Then, is there anything anyone recommends to scrub those little feetsies with? She doesn't mind being held and actually seems to like being close to me, but her feet simply gross me out!


Steve sculpts critters said...

Cute bunnies. Do you like mice?
Maybe you should have a go at winning one of my solid bronze mice (retail $250!) in a super easy contest on my blog (I'm an artist).
Go on, have a go.

FrecklesandDeb said...

So far it looks like they are going to be good friends. At least neither acted aggressive toward one another.

When Freckles had a problem and got herself a bit gross "back there" one of us held her while the other one washed her bottom in the sink. It definitely took two of us.

Boogey said...

aww those pictures are so sweet! i agree with freckles and deb... it's probably gonna have to be a two-person job!!

Anonymous said...

Flynn & Zuri look so good together :)

Zuri's feet look pretty clean in the photos! How about rubbing a little dry shampoo into the stained areas, leave it awhile to absorb the dirt etc. then wipe it off with a damp cloth? Would that be easier as a one person job? I haven't had to clean my bunnies' feet.. but they definitely hate it when I touch their hind legs, lol!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Our way has always been like F and D and then Boogey said. 2 people .. one holds tightly, one washes. A little warm water running over the dirty areas and rub with your fingers. Don't need to get it all the first time. Then wrap in a towel and dry and cuddle.

That's going to be a big'un!

Katie said...

It's good to see Flynn being so good towards her. As far as washing goes, there's some good suggestions in the comments - just be glad it's not a cat you have to wash - now THAT is terrifying! :P