Thursday, November 6, 2008

Flynn's new NIC cage.

Flynn's new NIC cage., originally uploaded by jess sully.

After looking at all of the beautiful NIC cages online for awhile, I decided Flynn needed one, too. After all, his litter habits have been so wonderful that he needed a reward! I also haven't been able to let him out of his cage while I'm not here anymore, because he's been destroying the carpet, and I couldn't stand leaving him in his old dog crate for long periods at a time.
Before- crowded.
His old 36"x24" dog crate, and the towels surrounding it to deter him from pulling the carpet. It looked rather cluttered.

Old Cage
Close up of the old cage.

Supplies: 3 boxes of grids (on sale- $14.99/each) and zip-ties from Target, fleece from Jo-Ann Fabrics

Before construction!
After clearing out Flynn's old cage, but before construction- look at all that empty space!

The finished product.
The finished product. It took me about two hours to construct, and I did all by myself! (I'm not a handy person so I'm quite proud). It is 56 inches long by 28 inches wide. The loft in the corner is nice because it utilizes empty space, hides his litterbox, and gives him more opportunities to stretch out and play.

Top Open
View with top door open- it hinges up and flips onto the top of the cage for easy access.

Cute binder clips that hold the doors shut and prevent him from escaping.

Flynn's loft- every bachelor's gotta have one ;)

Left side
Left side.

Right side
Right side.

The new cage is great. Flynn has so much more room to run and stretch- he can even do binkies! Also, it looks much better in my room.


Erin said...

Hi! I just found your blog. Our two buns have a similar cage and they love it! Good job on the design:)

Rabbits' Guy said...

Woha ... good job there! Soon you'll need to remodel the house!

Flynn is a lucky lil bunny!

Anonymous said...

That's a very nice mansion for Flynn! Love the idea of the bachelor loft ;)

FrecklesandDeb said...

Great job. The new digs look terrific. We bet Flynn is loving it!

Boogey said...

WOW! You did a great job with that! Mom always wanted to make a cage like that but she figured she'd screw it up somehow, so they bought me a ginormous cage on wheels instead ahha. I bet Flynn LOVES all the extra room!

The Bunns said...

Boogey needs a cage on wheels so his people can wheel him away when he screws up too much.

YowlYY said...

Love the cage! I bet Flynn is ecstatic, so much space all for himself (until the girlfriend shows up, that is..!)

L.Bo Marie said...

oh! I like the set up of your cage! I was just thinking about re-doing my cage...
one thing I've found that works REALLY well, is an indoor-outdoor carpet (the black kind that you find on the floor of most stores at the door) the rubber backing is great for any accidents or spills, and the mat itself is pretty tough. I still have blankets over it (like your fleece). you can get them big enough that they extend just beyond the edge of the cage protecting carpet from boredom chewing and digging!