Monday, November 3, 2008

Flynn goes outside.

Om nom nom leaf., originally uploaded by jess sully.

It was a very warm day today... almost in the 70's! I decided to take advantage of the nice weather by taking Flynn outside. It was his first time on his harness and leash (he was too small for it before), and I expected him to be nervous, but he wasn't at all.

So many strange noises.
I live on a pretty busy road, so he WAS boggled by the noise of the traffic. He kept trying to run near the road!

Dandy Dandilions.
He loved eating the dandilion leaves.

Munch Munch Crunchy Leaves
Crunchy leaves = rabbit delicacy.

yum, grass!
Foraging like a wild bunny :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun outing for Flynn! The pink leash looks good on him ;)

Boogey said...

hello flynn! i'm boogey! i'm a mini rex just like you, 'cept i'm red and harlequin!

Rabbits' Guy said...

Bunns do like Dandelions. Flynn does well on the leash! We have never made it work!

Is Flynn a show-bunny with the tattoo in hi ear??

FrecklesandDeb said...

Freckles has never taken to the harness/leash. She fought it all the way, so we finally gave up.

Bet Flynn loved getting those dandelions fresh and green from the source!

Anonymous said...

very cool - what fun

Rabbits' Guy said...

There is an award for you all at our site!!!